About Infrared Technologies Canada, Inc.

Infrared Technologies Canada, a division of the Maritime Services Ltd, evolved from the Infrared Technology offered by Texas Instruments in the early 1990s, when the first commercial pan and tilt cameras were sent to us for installation and use on marine search and rescue vessels operating from the port of Vancouver.

Since that time, Infrared Technologies Canada has grown and now provides infrared products for a wide variety of applications, including handheld, mobile, fixed, aerial and remote thermal imaging cameras and systems. With a wide range of customers now established, infrared technology has reached areas such as law enforcement, marine, industrial maintenance, process control, security, surveillance, driver safety, wildlife management, rail, fire and rescue, research and medical applications. Many of our customers include police agencies, coast guard, petroleum industry, security companies, industrial manufacturing, universities and manufacturers using OEM products, where the use of infrared technology has moved the technological bar to the next level no matter the application.